Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Reason Reigns

The vicious acts of terrorism perpetrated on 9/11/01 were and are far too close to home for me to reflect too long upon, but I have to say this. We were attacked that day ten years ago. Our freedom, the very soul that makes this country what it is, was threatened by those who would destroy and enslave us. If we wish to remember the fallen heroes of that day, and we should, without a doubt, then we as a country must remain vigilant to the many evils that continue to threaten that freedom. There will come a day when reason and peace and harmony reign and we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but this is not that day. For now we must remain strong and defend our freedom from those who would end it. When reason defeats violence, violence will have no place. But where reason is rejected, strength is needed to defend it. Pray for the day when reason reigns, but exterminate evil without prejudice while violence rules the day. We relax our guard at our peril, and if we lose our freedom those heroes will have fallen in vain.

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